Share USB TV tuner over Network

USB Network Gate will help you to share any USB device connected to your PC among other computers. Now you can print, scan, fax or watch your favorite TV-shows through remote TV tuner from any computer worldwide.

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Common problem:
redirect USB webcam

Access to a TV tuner is always restricted by the distance at which you can run a cable. And if your device is located hundreds of meters away, the task of connecting to it seems almost impossible. Say, you would like to watch TV programs on your favorite channels and need to access a remote USB TV tuner. It might be in the next room or another building. Or you need to setup an additional media center and you do not want to install extra equipment or run another cable. How do you solve this problem with minimal expense?

How USB Network Gate solves it:

access USB webcam over IP

This software solution by Eltima makes any USB device easily accessible over network. With USB Network Gate it is possible to share TV tuner over network without any restrictions. Connect a tuner to a USB port on your local computer and provide access to it to your entire network (LAN/ Ethernet/ Wi-Fi/ IP). You need to install the software on the computer to which the tuner is attached and computers that need shared access to it. This solution will help you share USB tuner over Ethernet, share TV tuner to Internet without cluttering your desktop with wires and cables. USB Network Gate allows you to access a remote USB port from anywhere in the world.

How to share USB tuner over network:

  • Install the application on a computer to which a TV tuner is to be attached via USB port and to the machine that need shared access to the tuner.
  • Insert the tuner to the computer.
  • Use USB Network Gate interface to share TV tuner over network.
The remote computers can now access the Network TV tuner - enjoy watching your favorite shows!

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Real-life usage of USB Network Gate
Real-life experience: Personal Background: Jason Gregory is a family man with a wife and three children. He works as a supervisor for a medium Manufacturing company which processes polyurethane.

Industry: personal usage

Question: What made you start searching for this kind of software? Did you face any difficulties?

Jason: I have an Epson Stylus Rx700 multifunction printer which does not offer network support. I have tried so many hardware print servers to connect my printer to the network, but have only succeeded in making the printing side of things work. I needed something to make that printer work as it has to.

Question: For what purposes are you using USB to Ethernet Connector now?

Jason: I am currently using USB Network Gate on my laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate and my Epson Rx700 MFP connected to my server with Windows Server 2003. I also have two other laptops with Windows XP on the network that are sometimes used by my wife and son. All these laptops work as if they have the printer plugged into them. 

Question: Was USB Network Gate of any benefit to you?

Jason: USB Network Gate is a pleasure to use. It is rather beneficial to me and my family as we can all use the printer, scanner, and photo functions. Thanks a ton for developing such a useful piece of software.

Redirect USB over network

USB Network Gate can redirect USB devices over network – Internet or LAN, thus enabling you to use their functionality remotely. You can share a single device among many computers in your network, no matter where the device is located physically.

USB passthrough for virtual machines

USB Network Gate enables USB devices passthrough from the host to a virtual machine, i.e. USB ports can be accessed in a virtual environment with the help of software. VMware ESX/ESXi, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V are supported.

Remote Desktop USB redirector

USB Network Gate can share local USB devices over Remote Desktop Protocol. It works the other way around too – you can access USB devices remotely via RDP.

Your custom scenario

There are many ways in which USB Network Gate can be of help to you. Be sure your use case can be handled too; just let us know what you need and we will be happy to guide you. USB Network Gate is a universal solution that suits everyone.

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