What is a USB over network technology?

A USB over network technology provides a simple way to redirect any USB device over the TCP/IP network. Whether you use a local network or the Internet, this efficient solution lets you access remote devices connected to a USB port of any networked computer.
USB Network Gate
USB Network Gate by Electronic Team, Inc. is a dedicated software solution that is powered by an advanced USB to network technology. The utility is designed to help you reach remote peripherals in a simple way. You just install the application on several computers linked to the same network and their USB devices can be shared and accessed remotely.

How USB over network software works

Essentially USB Network Gate shares a USB port to which a USB device is attached. Once you connect to the shared port from a remote PC, the software creates a virtual copy of this port on your computer. As a result, the device plugged into the port appears on your computer like it was connected directly to your machine.
Areas of application for USB over Internet technology
Here are just some of the cases where USB over Internet technology can be really useful

Shared access to security dongles

You might be thinking, “what’s so hard about connecting my hardware security key to different computers?” And sure, you can unplug your device from one machine and plug it into another one. But what if you don’t have your dongle at hand or there’s no possibility to physically connect it you your local computer? Or let’s imagine that you work for a company that has offices in different countries. How can one security key be shared among multiple workers then? That’s where USB Network Gate comes into play. Thanks to its outstanding capabilities, you can copy a security dongle and redirect it to any remote PC over the Internet.

USB for remote virtual desktop

USB over LAN software gives you a way to redirect USB peripherals to any environment, including virtual machines and guest operating systems. Of course, there are virtualization apps that come with USB support but, in most cases, accessing devices attached to a host PC becomes a real challenge for many users. What comes to the rescue is USB Network Gate with its intuitive interface and powerful feature set.

Connecting to office peripherals remotely

It is highly likely that working in an office you may need to share USB devices such as printers, laser plotters, webcams, external hard drives, etc. with other workers. Probably the easiest way to do this is to install a dedicated software like USB Network Gate. With this app, you can get access to any remote USB device no matter how far it is located. If you want to connect, for example, from Mac to Windows, or from Windows to Linux, the software will help you easily create a cross-platform connection.

Wireless access to remote iOS and Android devices

It’s not uncommon that developers use remote iOS and Android devices for testing and debugging their creations. How do they connect to them? Well, it’s not so hard as long as you use a handy app that provides the USB tunneling option. In addition, USB Network Gate allows RDP USB redirection and lets forward any device over Wi-Fi.

Can you be sure that the data transmitted to a remote USB port is not at risk of interception?

One of the best things about USB Network Gate is that it deploys advanced 256-bit SSL encryption that reliably protects all connections established over the network. This means you don’t need to worry that any sensitive data will be lost or intercepted while traveling to a remote computer.